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The market of logistic and port services expands every year by 5-7%. Irrespective of foreign direct investment intensity slow-down the Latvian logistics market attracts more and more international logistics players to provide services to the Baltics, Russia and CIS. According to the research by numerous UN and private logistics industry consultants the Baltics is considered to be a prospective transport node with its excellent geographical position and already functioning infrastructure.

The objective of the project implementation:

The objective of the project implementation is as follows:

  1. The company customers demand for special cargo processing and logistics infrastructure;
  2. Broadening of the volume of services available in Kundzinsala, Freeport of Riga area.

Systems Terminal LTD is planning to invest in the amount of LVL 12,9 millions in the development of the land lot, with the total area of 60 008 m², to implement the project „Building up a cargo reloading terminal for General and Ro-Ro cargos at Freeport of Riga.”

Cargos to be processed

Ostas celtņi

The terminal will be capable to process various raw materials, general cargos, containerized cargos, Ro-Ro cargos and, if necessary, also can be applied to the processing of container ships.